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Want to get that home computer running right? Always wanted WiFi in the next room? Want to stream videos to your TV? ProOpt will help you organise, optimise and let you have some fun.

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Simple service structure

ProOpt offers several services specifically designed for home users. The combination of our per-unit pricing model and our home orientated packaged services provide a high value computer maintenance option for the home. You know exactly what you are getting every step of the way. It helps that all of our technicians do have homes so they do understand the needs of a household.

Fast and efficient

One of the most frustrating things is having to wait if something is not working correctly, home time is just as important as work time. At ProOpt, we’re proud of our high speed service and efficiency in completing a job. Remember, we charge fixed rates for each of the services we offer, so the quicker and more effectively we do the job, the better it is for us and you. You will never find a ProOpt technician dragging their heels about anything. We are on your side in getting things done.

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Keep your family secure

We realise how it can be challenging, due to the connected nature of technology, to keep everything secure. To keep kids away from what they are not supposed to see, to keep malicious software off your devices and to keep you and your family safe. Don’t worry, we can help. We will give you the right advise to make sure your technology doesn’t do any harm. After all, technology is supposed to help make your life better.

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