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Shall we give your tech a boost?

Let ProOpt optimise your technology and show you how to get the best out of what you have.

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We can help you find exactly what you need.

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Our competitive per-unit service pricing model means you only pay for exactly what you receive.

About ProOpt


It all starts with an idea. Computers need to be cleaned up on occasion, just like a car needs a service. Why not offer a service for computers? So ProOpt, and the ProOpt Optimisation Packages were created. They combined a bit of know-how with a fixed cost and a high speed service. It’s been a great success ever since. ProOpt optimisation packages are still available for Windows based computers throughout our market.

Fixed Rate Services

There is a fundamental problem with the way IT support is conducted, the problem being that an hourly fee puts clients at odds with service providers. The longer something takes to complete, the more income the service provider may make. Our founder decided to rethink that idea and do things a little differently. We want to be on the same side as our client, we both want the same thing, for your technology to be working effectively. This is ProOpt uses a unit-rate pricing policy, which allows for most common technical support services to be charged at a fixed rate, ProOpt is rewarded for getting it done fast and right the first time.

Into the future

We’ve always had something good going, with our fixed rates and optimisation packages but technology is always evolving and we do our best to keep up. The prevalence of mobile devices has prompted us to extend our services to help individuals and business make sure this technology is right too. The trend of cloud computing offered us a great opportunity to further enhance the value ProOpt can offer. We are a special company and we will be optimising everything around us every day, all you have to do is hold on for the ride.

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